BRIDE: Morgan



PHOTOGRAPHERS: Daniele Vertelli + Andrea Corsi

Per me è stato un giorno perfetto, un matrimonio intimo e pieno di sentimenti, come piace fotografare a me, un giorno perfetto passato insieme al mio socio Andrea Corsi web site e ad una coppia meravigliosa , che ci ha accolto in famiglia con grande affetto. penso che il risultato si veda.Ma forse è meglio che vi lasci alle parole di Morgan


Our wedding was something out of a fairytale. The weather was perfect; there was a storm just out of reach of our beautiful wedding venue in the Tuscan countryside. All of our guests were excited, not just for our wedding, but because they were in incredible Italy. The flowers were more spectacular than I could have ever envisioned and my groom was more handsome and sweet than I had ever seen him. There were a few moments of our wedding day that really stood out to me…


I had designed my dress because I couldn’t find one that was exactly what I wanted. An adorable woman in California made it for me. My mom, being the greatest mom in the world, insisted on buying it for me. Mom came to California to help me at one of the fittings and she was involved in every step of the process. On our wedding day, my mom and sister helped me into the dress and there was something so emotional for me about that moment. There were too many times in my life where I could have lost my mom, and to be lucky enough to have her there on my wedding day was just overwhelming. I teared up for a moment.


Exchanging vows with the love of my life was another memorable moment. We decided to write our own and say exactly how we felt about each other. In the 7 years that I had been with Jon, I had never seen him get emotional and he had trouble keeping it together. I will never forget the look on his face when he spoke his vows.


Our amazing chef, Linda, made a traditional Italian wedding cake for us. It was a millefoglie with berries on top. We cut the cake and, for some stupid reason, I took some of the cream filling and put it on Jon’s nose… this was not well received. To retaliate, Jon fed me a bite of cake with a big strawberry on top, stem and all. It was quite a challenge to eat!


For all of these wonderful moments, our photographers were there and they captured them so well. Daniele shoots with a sensitivity that makes you feel so comfortable. He doesn’t just care about the photos he’s taking, he cares about the people behind the pictures. He made me feel like a beautiful woman and, most importantly, a bride!


It’s hard to describe how astounding Andrea Corsi and Daniele Vertelli are. I hadn’t met them until our wedding day, but I felt like I had known them forever. They were attentive, in the moment, and FUNNY! They danced with us, laughed with us and encouraged us to make fools of ourselves, not just because it makes for great photos, but because it makes for a GREAT wedding. We were so honored to have these two at our wedding and we are truly, truly grateful for them!


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