Daniele Vertelli

Wedding Photographer

The job of a wedding photographer is a very strenuous one, the general population can not imagine how much study and sacrifice goes into every shot, a job that is chosen from passion only.
It takes away many things, like your private life, we are always travelling to some part of the world to immortalise moments. It is a physical commitment most of the time pushing you to the limit, you must always be up to date, artistically and technically, but to be a wedding photography you must add a little of yourself to the sentiments, which means offering moments of happiness.
What is photography if not the desire of man to capture immortality.
The happiness in the eyes of my clients is the greatest reward.
You understand that your work will become part of a family’s most treasured memories.
I remember at a young age flipping through my parents wedding album many times , and even today when so many things have changed, submerging myself in those photographs helps remember where I come from, and that I was born from love.

“The most beautiful destiny for a photo is to finish inside an album of memories.”