Our story began 14 years ago.

I still remember the first time I met him..
Both really young, me just 17 years old, Sandro had just turned 18. I was very shy at first, and I remember him trying to get me to talk. At the end of that day, before to say goodbye, he gave me a gift: a colorful scarf, which I still keep today as a sweet memory. Our first kiss was in Piazza del Campo in Siena, and after some dating, we got together on March 13, 2007.
We grew up together, as teenagers we was an alternative couple, both in the past with dreadlocks, loose clothes, and absolutely two creatives. Him as a graphic designer and me as a painter. We have lived many experiences together, always side by side. Travel, good food, concerts.. our passion! Not to mention the experiences with our dog Charlie.
A love lived, and preserved over the years. Despite the difficulties at times, we never strayed and indeed, after finishing the university for me and the master’s degree for him, we decided to live one of the most beautiful experiences that we are still living today: London.
Luggage and Adrenaline ready for this new experience, October 2014 .. Just the two of us, frightened and excited at the same time. Here we have learned to know each other even better every day, living in our strengths and weaknesses! These are experiences that help to grow personally, but also as a couple..and still today that we live in this beautiful city, we support and help each other, sharing every moment together.
I remember when we fantasized about the proposal, he jokingly told me: “I will only marry you when it snows in London!” .. since we live in here, we had never seen snow, but in that year 2017/2018 it snowed several times .. it was really funny and since then, both friends, family and myself, we all been waiting for when he would make the proposal.
The big moment came on June 13, 2019, Siena, my birthday …an incredible surprise… while I was in Piazza del Campo with my sister, Sandro appear to me from behind with a bouquet of flowers, who, looking into my eyes, pulls out a small box and gets down on his knees..making me the proposal, oh my Gosh how excited and nervous he was. A truly magical and intimate moment, the two of us in the square where we kissed for the first time. And it’s really true, when you imagine an important thing it is never as you had it in mind, but, fortunately, in these cases the reality always exceeds the imagination.
We started with the preparations, all super set for June  13, 2020. Unfortunately like many other couples, the pandemic forced us to postpone several times.. but finally on July 12, 2021 a dream came true ..that dream that finally becomes reality.
A bohemian wedding with a lilac color, floral and colorful like us, creative and studied in every details.
An unforgettable day from the music, entertainment, food and location. Focused in music and dance. 100% lived.
Even today we do not realize that we are finally Husband and Wife. But we know that this is another piece to add to our Love Story and we already have many other projects to live together… always with a positive and crazy spirit… above all, out of the ordinary, because this is what sets us apart.
Rock ‘n’ roll

Angelica and Sandro







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