Photographing weddings abroad is always a beautiful adventure, and in this lovely September, I had the honor of capturing the essence of Chiara and Manuel’s wedding on the enchanting island of Formentera. An island full of energy where neither of them had ever been, where the sky seamlessly merges with the azure of the sea, creating a unique backdrop for this special occasion. The wedding was entirely documented in style, as there could be no other interpretation for this union. Chiara and Manuel, owners and managers of two establishments in Forte dei Marmi in Versilia, find joy in being surrounded by people who celebrate, a constant in their lives. Versilia, where they work, is renowned in Italy for its social life and nightlife, but Formentera is their retreat, the ideal choice to celebrate their love. Together with many friends, they created a vibrant celebration, full of emotions, laughter, and sheer festivity. The wedding kicked off with a traditional beachside aperitivo, following the island’s tradition. The next day, in the afternoon, Chiara prepared in a beautiful house on the salt pans of Formentera, a genuine corner of paradise, while Manuel got ready in a small house in the port with his closest relatives. They reunited at sunset on a picturesque cliff to celebrate their marriage with a symbolic ceremony. The ensuing celebration was nothing short of exuberant. Dinner, served by the staff of a renowned Michelin-starred chef, was accompanied by plenty of Dom Pérignon champagne and the musical talents of the well-known singer Pago. I am incredibly proud to have been chosen by the couple as the photographer to capture this beautiful Italian wedding in Formentera. The wedding photos have been featured in a prominent Italian magazine, a testament to the uniqueness and beauty of this adventure. Throughout this beautiful journey, I was accompanied by my friend and colleague Maria Zavaglia and my husband, who took a few days off for the occasion. I hope I have captured the wonderful atmosphere that permeated this corner of paradise in the best possible way. Enjoy the viewing for all those who have the pleasure of immersing themselves in this unique photographic story.