Daniele Vertelli - Wedding Photographer in Tuscany
Daniele Vertelli - Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

Wedding Photographer in Tuscany



When all my dreams came true it was September 2009, at that period I opened my photographic studio with a person who still shares with me this project, Andrea Corsi, a person who represents for me many things, he’s not only a friend, he’s a brother , a colleague and a partner; the past few years have been quite incredible, they have been rich in many different things,some of them really wonderful but others really painful, I suffered the end of a love story, my father and brother’s death, these devastating events made me even more slanted to emotions and and they have

given to me the possibility to communicate with the inner parts of me and with others.
During this period I have also won lots of National and International prizes, my name has been included among the most important wedding photographers of the world, and I have dedicated all those prizes to my father… he didn’t believed I what I was doing, but at last he has accepted it, he never told me but he was proud of me.

Thanks Daddy.

Daniele Vertelli - Wedding Photographer in Tuscany


I didn’t know what it meant taking pictures during a wedding ceremony; I did my first wedding for a friend, I was 18 years old; on that day I remember I was both the chauffeur, the photographer and the best man!
By chance one day I find myself in a wedding photographic studio so I said to myself: Why not?
I am a person who is in love with love; I love feelings, emotions I think they are the most precious gift that mankind can have.
It was love at first sight.
Feeling, emotions can be dramatic, sometimes even theatrical or intangibile just like my style which is sometimes fine and stylish sometimes really esplosive.
I don’t think that in the field of photography I’ll take pictures of something different from catching feelings and emotions because I’m really in tune with them.


Photography has always been for me a way to express my own freedom.

Art is freedom. I love painting, architecture and movies and I’m sure in the future I’ll be tempted by other ways; little by little photography won’t be enough for me.

Creativity is a very precious thing and it must be feeded with our own life and experiences.

My Photography

I think photography is just like a kaleidoscope and you can choose the color you like best among lots of them; since I was a child I’ve always been attracted by the perfection, the elegance and geometrical aspects of fashion pictures then I addressed myself to landscape photography and, at last, macro.
Photography was my alphabet I used it to communicate to the world, as I was a very shy this helped me a lot; I didn’t care too much about what the other photographers did, they had their own language while I had to find mine inside of me, I had to find a way to talk about my own world by means of pictures.


I’ve always been a happy child and I had many secret wishes maybe the biggest one was becoming a professional photographer.

When I was a child I often had a flip through magazines of photography books and I dreamed to take as beautiful pictures as those I looked there.

My Dreams

Daniele Vertelli - Wedding Photographer in Tuscany, me and my husband

Dreams can be defined so only if they are quite unattainable; our path is full of obstacles and sometimes they look insuperable but with courage, keenness and resolution you can get over the unexpected.

Sometimes dreams seem to go far away from you but then they come back and they are possible again.
We have always to long for our dreams.