Hugo and Jan, from Brazil and Germany, decided to crown their dream amidst the wonderful Tuscan vineyards.
Same sex weddings are always particularly emotional; this kind of emotion is usually the result of the path towards self-acceptance, and of all the difficulties LGBT people must endure. Not every State allows same sex weddings, some even ruling homosexuality as illicit, and punishing gays with imprisonment, torture, and in some cases even death penalty.
Once we realize who we are, we understand we live in hostile societies, aware that many will not back our choice. Many friends and family members will be upset and destabilized, many will insult us, because they
are afraid of people who are different.
In Italy, we used to live in a situation that did not allow even thinking of creating a relationship and a future with another person of the same sex. Luckly, things have changed in several countries, this is an important step towards civilization, and for us, as we can finally see life in a different way, and build relationships that can last. Our perspective has changed.
Hugo has always fought for his rights, and has always involved Jan in this process, which often caused arguing with their families.
This is why this wedding was particularly beautiful and emotional, filled with the wish to look in the same direction with a different, more concrete perspective.
I wish to thank Marco Mugnai for being with me on this magical day, and Francesca from Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany for organizing this wedding and letting me be in a homely environment.