Bianca and Aldo’s was a classical Italian wedding with a glamorous touch, lots of love, emotional friends and families, and a beautiful couple.
Both Bianca and Aldo were models in the past, so they selected two wonderful outfits from the Ferragamo collection.
The reception took place at the lovely Villa Pazzi al Parugiano, organized by two wedding planners I particularly esteem for their taste and panache, Silvia Baroncelli and Samuele Spadi.
I’d like to share the words of the bride: Marriage is not being held together by a signature, it’s loving the other so much as to want to make such love sacred.
It’s accepting the other completely for what they are, and wanting to grow together.
It’s living together, completely, forever.
It’s shared joy on the good days, and strength on the hard ones; a strength we create together, but that one must provide when the other is weaker.
It’s being aware of a bond that goes beyond what we know.
On July 16, we said yes, our eyes full of emotion met at the aisle, and from then on, it was as if our awareness had turned into the certainty that we could really promise each other reciprocal love, and vow to live together, safely devoting oneself the other.
Friends and families were there to celebrate our love with us, partners in love.
Everything was so spontaneous and natural, perfect in its unworldliness. A day we will always cherish, a daywe didn’t want to end, that went by too quickly, but was only the beginning of a wonderful journey. Our journey together.