WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN TUSCANY IN THE REINAISSENCE OF FLORENCE .Florence, the timeless capital of the Renaissance, has consistently held a special place in my heart as one of the most captivating settings for destination weddings in Italy.
This city offers a myriad of enchanting venues, providing the perfect backdrop for crafting an exclusive dream wedding.
The rich tapestry of art, delectable cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and the welcoming embrace of the locals serves as an irresistible allure for couples seeking a truly magical celebration.

Allow me to share the enchanting story of Vanessa and Alex, a couple whose hearts were drawn to Florence.
Vanessa, being part Italian and residing in Chicago, made an unequivocal choice as she had spent a transformative year abroad in Florence.
Alex wholeheartedly embraced her decision. Their international guest list, hailing from diverse corners of the globe, mirrored their shared connection to Italy,
creating eager anticipation for the three-day festivities in Florence.

The pre-wedding cocktails and rehearsal dinner unfolded amidst the captivating ambiance of Fattoria di Maiano, a Medici villa overlooking Florence.
This charming location, nestled not far from the city, gifted attendees with a splendid sunset over the picturesque valley.

The symbolic wedding ceremony graced the rooftop of SESTO ON ARNO, perched atop the WESTIN EXCELSIOR, offering panoramic views of Florence.
The celebratory dinner unfolded in the grand reception hall of the opulent ST. REGIS FIRENZE.

In my role as a photographer, my aim was to encapsulate Vanessa and Alex’s narrative, preserving the vibrancy, warmth, and sheer joy they experienced returning to their roots.
This endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without the seamless collaboration with their dedicated wedding planner,
Katia Morales, and the unwavering support of my esteemed friends and colleagues, Maria Zavaglia and Giacomo Brizzi.

As you embark on this visual journey, immerse yourself in the love, culture, and sheer magic of Vanessa and Alex’s Florence wedding.
Enjoy the enchanting moments that encapsulate the essence of their celebration.