WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER ON LAKE COMO .Lake Como, a mesmerizing destination synonymous with romance, has consistently held a coveted spot in the dreams of those envisioning a wedding imbued with charm and beauty.
The allure of its gardens, the elegant villas overlooking the crystalline waters,and the graceful boats and motorboats gliding across its surface collectively contribute to an atmosphere that is nothing short of enchanting.

Nestled within the embrace of Lake Como is VILLA REGINA TEODOLINDA,an exquisite period residence that stands as a small,authentic treasure chest brimming with inspiration and breathtaking vistas. Due to its intimate size,the villa becomes an ideal setting for weddings that embrace the essence of intimacy and closeness.

The villa’s inherent beauty, complemented by a team of exceptionally skilled Italian professionals,transforms every event into an indelible moment of splendor.
A shining example of this enchantment is found in the memories of Kiril and Addie’s wedding—a celebration that serves as a melting pot of diverse cultures united by the profound love of the spouses.

Kiril, hailing from Belarus with Jewish roots, found his match in Addie,whose Chinese heritage added a vibrant layer to their union. Together, they endeavored to weave the essence of both cultures into the fabric of their event.
The festivities commenced with the culturally rich tea ceremony, a tradition intricately woven into the preparation of the drink—each step steeped in ancient rituals and rules.

The wedding itself unfolded in adherence to Jewish tradition beneath the Chuppàh,a symbolic canopy supported by four poles representing the creation of a new home and family. Following the ceremony,the newlyweds embarked on a scenic motorboat ride, exploring the lake’s most picturesque spots before returning to the villa for the jubilant celebrations.

In the eyes of the storyteller behind the lens, Kiril and Addie embodied the epitome of a perfect couple—deeply in love, genuine accomplices,and exceptionally kind. Their union transcended cultural and religious disparities, serving as a poignant testament to the transformative power of love.

This captivating adventure was shared with the esteemed company of colleague and friend Marco Mugnai,
as well as wedding planner confidantes Angela Garnagnati and Simona Conti. To these dear companions,
a heartfelt expression of love and gratitude—a testament to the bond forged amidst the magic of Lake Como.