Eire and Michael, from Ireland, chose Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte for their Tuscan wedding.
Villa Corsini is one among the villas in the outskirts of Florence that truly represents Tuscany in its authenticity. Once a Renaissance Medici villa, it now belongs to the Corsini family, and the beautiful frescoes in the inside hall testify its past splendor. Wedding ceremonies are held at the scenic Italian gardens opening on the lush Tuscan landscape of vineyards, olive groves and farms. A glamorous venue for a wedding that was carefully organized by Irene Cencetti of FAIRYTALE ITALY WEDDINGS, whose gorgeous florals and choice of colors I especially appreciated.
I wish to thank my friend Marco Mugnai for being an unvaluable second photographer.
Wedding photography changes fast, and our task as photographers is to understand our couples’ tastes, never forgetting our vision and aesthetic style.
I believe this wedding showed best the balance of my style with today’s trends.
Every photographer will go through moments in which they will wonder where they are going and whether the work they are doing really represents who they are.
I believe I can safely say that I have found my style, both in taking photographs on the day, and in the postproduction I work on later.